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December 2019

Coming out and plowing on...

Well, welcome to the new me, and all that. The sharpest-eyed observers might possibly note a small update to my profile.

It was great, in December, of the Red Note Ensemble to perform one of my series of "Power Moves" pieces in Glasgow as part of their "Noisy Nights" series. This particular iteration was scored for flute, trumpet & double bass, and they performed it with elan to a packed house! Like the other pieces in the "Power Move" series, it's based on ideas from breakdancing and the breakbeat music which goes alongside it - a musical combination of techniques borrowed from electronic dance music and extended instrumental performance techniques, creating a short, high energy, little piece! This will always have a spot in my heart and my memory as the first piece I've had publicly performed under my new name - and it was before I'd come out generally!

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The busy Christmas period was mostly, however, taken up with a huge number of concerts - timpani for Marlborough Concert Orchestra & Marlborough Choral Society (very strange going back to the same town two weeks in a row to do a different concert!) & St Nicolas Newbury - percussion for Newbury Symphony Orchestra's concert of Bartok & Schostakovich - and rocking out with St Bartholomew's School's production of "We Will Rock You". Further afield, my carol arrangements were performed in Manchester, UK and Washington, DC