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February 2021

A short month for a short movie

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A lot of my composing time this month has been dedicated to creating the soundtrack for Robert Timestra's upcoming short "Querent" - a rather exciting project. Since I'm the composer, performer, sound engineer and producer on this soundtrack, it's been pretty busy. It's been a really interesting cooperative process, working closely with the director to try to realise his vision of the film, while still trusting my own musical instincts to create something rather interesting - and something suited to the horror and ambiguity of the visuals.

Querent will be released on the festival circuit in the spring, so watch this space!

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In addition there's been some new commissioning work coming in from the International Guitar Foundation, and a nice win from the LGBT Viola Composition Prize

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I've also been writing some short solos and duets for the members of Fulham Brass Band, who have adopted me this year as part of Making Music's Adopt A Music Creator program.

And then there's this! I'm performing a piece here written for me by the wonderful Emily Pedersen. It features vocal and fingered multiphonics, as well as multiphonics created live by the pre-programmed digital processing. Loads of lovely and beautiful sounds result, but I'm especially into the sub-octave bass doubling effects!