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July 2019

Channeling my inner cinematic composer

I have to admit to a great love of the "classic Hollywood sound" - Korngold to Williams via Hermann - but it's not a style I normally would think to compose in myself. I gave it a shot recently, with a couple of pieces, and one was successful enough for the Filipino American Symphony Orchestra to give it a prize, so I guess they thought it was okay! Fingers crossed for a premiere performance in LA.

I have to be honest, writing this kind of music is enormously fun, and weirdly satisfying. I feel almost like I'm proving some kind of point, "Look!" I say, "I can write music that sounds like the way a lot of people think music should sound like" (I just might choose not to)

Check out this collaborative piece that came from a workshop I did with some composition students this month using "found instruments"

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