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May 2020

Living the lockdown lifestyle

Not gonna lie. This month was hard.

Music is such a big part of my life. I was asked, "What other interests do you have, outside music", and I really had to think for a moment. I've really missed making music, listening to music, being with musicians, teaching music, composing music... sure I've done all these things, but online isn't the same, somehow. It's like how playing an electric piano - no matter how good - just doesn't FEEL like a real piano.

So I made some more clarinet & electronics stuff - I think this will be an ongoing thing for me. The sounds are so wild! By running my clarinet live through multiple, moving pitch-shifters and other processes, these amazing sounds can be created.

At the other end of the creative scale, here is a recording of my new piano piece "Stuck Inside" performed live in her first post-lockdown (online) concert in Berlin by the amazing Fidan Agheyeva-Edler in the wonderfully atmospheric setting of the deserted Musikbrauerei.

Looking ahead to June, I have premieres of new pieces coming up with Willingdon House Music, Prism Ensemble, The Brass Project and The Diversity Initiative, plus new commissions for Debbie Fuller (oboe) and others, so stay tuned, and watch this space.

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